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Hi everyone. Just a quick post to tell you about our past month here at the inn. It was by far our busiest month and probably can’t ever get any busier as we were booked solid almost the whole way through. That’s in large part thanks to the good folks at the DIY Network.

We posted at the time of the announcement that a house not far from our inn was chosen to be renovated top to bottom by several of the DIY network’s shows. So as you can imagine we were thrilled to host many of the crews who worked on the project. In between two weddings and a family reunion that is. They were a lot of fun and we got to serve several lunches on site for them and have some nice sit down dinners for them back here at the inn. A really good and crazy time!

We’ll have more info soon, especially about how you can register to win the house they renovated (we got a sneak peak and it is AWESOME!). But for now, you get some pictures of the last month!

House Crashers started us off


With the first of 3 Crab Pickings


The second went as well as the first

 More to come.


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We became one. For a day anyway. It was the annual Tour De Chesapeake here in Mathews County Va a couple of weeks ago. We were happy to host once again, our very first guests from two years ago plus a whole lot more as we became a stop along the way for many of the bike riders that come to our area.

It was sponsored by the Mathews Maritime Foundation (who owns and operates the Mathews Maritime Museum) and they brought refreshments that they gave out for free to all who bike riders who stopped at our Inn for a quick break. And there were a lot.

One of the reasons the Maritime foundation wanted to team up with us was to highlight their Heritage Trail Project that now includes the East River. Right off where we’re located. They handed out brochures and talked to all interested parties. All in all, it was a big success for both the foundation and us!

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It seems we got one.

We were surprised thrilled to find out that we are named as one of the top ten innkeepers by The Best of Bedandbreakfast.com Awards 2010-2011. It is a tremendous honor to receive any kind of recognition after just a little over a year of operations. It’s also served to give us a goal for the future; to keep it up and strive to be the best.

So to bedandbreakfast.com and to everyone who has supported us in the past year and a half, we would like to say Thank You. From the bottom of our hearts.

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We were very excited to hear that just down the road from the Inn is the location of the Do It Yourself (DYI) Network’s 2011 home renovation project. You can watch the announcement being made here at Blog Cabin.

Having done lots of renovations of our own, we look forward to seeing what they will do to the old house they’ve chosen. Hopefully they will use some of the green building techniques we learned along the way to getting our inn up and running.

The property has close to a mile’s worth of waterfront which is amazing! I imagine it will feature views much like those we’ve become accustomed to.

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No, we aren’t grouchy. We’re crab happy! We catch them right off our pier and when we get enough of them, we like to incorporate the crabmeat we get into our breakfasts. For instance, crab quiche: 

With a side of muffins!


Crabs are also lots of fun to catch, not just for us but for our guests as well: 

Bill catches the first crab of the season

 And of course humans aren’t the only ones interested in crabs: 

Remember: When a crab plays "got your nose", it really got your nose

 We would like to take a quick moment to say thank you to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for all the wonderful work they do including their work on helping restore and maintain healthy crab populations.

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As we mentioned in the previous post, Greg recently saw a bald eagle just off out pier. It turns out that our Inn is within the roaming range of the bald eagles at the Rappahanock River Valley Natinal Wildlife Refuge. One of the 3 refuges in the area, the RRVNWR protects the nesting grounds of bald eagles as well as other rare and endangered species such as the perigrene falcon and shortnose sturgeon among others.

Visitors can view the wildlife along this preserve with a day cruise aboard the Captain Thomas down the Rappahanock past the preserve and on to the Ingleside Plantation Winery. Hikers have their options as well, the Vorhees Nature Preservefor example. With 4 miles of self guided trails, the beautiful Rappahanock area can be seen in all it’s glory. The only catch is that the bald eagle nesting area is off limits during nesting season which lasts from mid-November to mid-July.

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Opening in 1947 as a single screen movie theater, Donk’s Theater has become famous for it’s live country music. Also called Virginia’s L’il Ole Opry, Donk’s theater has featured live performances every other Saturday since 1975. A great family atmosphere, Donk’s Theater is one of the great local attractions in Mathew’s County and less than a 10 minute drive from our B & B.

The Donk's marquee

The Donk's marquee

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