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One of the big challenges in getting the upstairs rooms of the Billups house in order was getting bathrooms for each room as opposed to the sharing of a single bathroom that used to be the case. For two of the 3 rooms, we were able take the existing bathroom, remodel it and attach the second bathroom off of the plumbing from the first. For the third however, we had to start from scratch. We extended the pantry room below and built the new bathroom above it. This is the result:

West room bathroom

West room bathroom


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The upstairs portion of the main house of our Inn consists of three bedrooms but only ONE bathroom! We wanted to change that and put a bathroom in each bedroom. The problem became, ‘where do we find room for now bathrooms upstairs in such an old house?’ Greg the problem solver went to work on ideas and came up with an ingenious solution.

He thought, “lets extend the pantry area below and that would support new bathrooms above”. Perfect! So now we begin that work. Here’s pictures of the early stages of that project:



This frame will support the new bathrooms above as well as give us more pantry room below. That is much needed too. Speaking of the upstairs, we have only one bathroom right now which will go through it’s own remodeling, but by the time we open, all three bedrooms will have their own.

Here’s a look at the bathroom upstairs:


By the way, Dave thinks the toilet seat is too good to throw out. Of course he won’t actually use it himself. What do you think?


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Anyone need a Lavendar sink? Got 2!

Anyone need a Lavender sink? Got 2!

One of the things that you learn to get used to when going through a renovation such as ours, is that there are going to be several appliances, fixtures, etc. that just get strewn about the property. So, having a commode sit outside our front door has become ordinary! Of course, we are trying to re-use as many of the fixtures as possible..those that are still in good condition, or still work with our design for each room. A lot of the toilets are being removed, however, as we are replacing most of them with the more environmentally friendly dual-flush commodes.  Greg also found 5 pedestal sinks on clearance at Lowes which managed to cost him a grand total of $9.99 each! That made parting with the lavender sinks a lot less painful.

    And, have no fear, all other fixtures, appliances, scrap materials that we are not re-using will go to our local ReStore facility that is operated by one of our favorite causes Habitat for Humanity. We have also managed to find some things at ReStore that we could use in our projects. If you have a ReStore in your area, it is a great place to find building materials and fixtures at a fraction of the cost. A wonderful way to recycle and reuse. Pass it on!

Tank thinks he has a new water bowl

Tank thinks he has a new water bowl

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