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Last month we wrote about Greg spotting an American Bald Eagle off our pier. Well we have spotted one again and this time we had a camera handy! (Well actually Greg’s stepfather Winston did. A big thank you to Winston!) Winston got the shot from his binoculars that have a built in camera. Too cool!

Here’s a couple photos of the eagle from different angles:




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As we mentioned in the previous post, Greg recently saw a bald eagle just off out pier. It turns out that our Inn is within the roaming range of the bald eagles at the Rappahanock River Valley Natinal Wildlife Refuge. One of the 3 refuges in the area, the RRVNWR protects the nesting grounds of bald eagles as well as other rare and endangered species such as the perigrene falcon and shortnose sturgeon among others.

Visitors can view the wildlife along this preserve with a day cruise aboard the Captain Thomas down the Rappahanock past the preserve and on to the Ingleside Plantation Winery. Hikers have their options as well, the Vorhees Nature Preservefor example. With 4 miles of self guided trails, the beautiful Rappahanock area can be seen in all it’s glory. The only catch is that the bald eagle nesting area is off limits during nesting season which lasts from mid-November to mid-July.

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