We were very excited to hear that just down the road from the Inn is the location of the Do It Yourself (DYI) Network’s 2011 home renovation project. You can watch the announcement being made here at Blog Cabin.

Having done lots of renovations of our own, we look forward to seeing what they will do to the old house they’ve chosen. Hopefully they will use some of the green building techniques we learned along the way to getting our inn up and running.

The property has close to a mile’s worth of waterfront which is amazing! I imagine it will feature views much like those we’ve become accustomed to.


Growing in popularity among our guests is charting a sunset sailing cruise with our good friend Capt. Johnny Stevens of Mobjack Sailing. It is exactly as it sounds, a sail around the Mobjack Bay area at sunset, lasting 2 to 2 and a half hours. If you’re lucky enough to go when the moon is to be full, you get a moonrise sail thrown in at the same time! Anyone interested can contact Capt. Johnny or set a sail up through us.

Greg being helpful....or not

Of course there's a sunset too

Yes, this does come almost 2 weeks after the 4th but we have been super busy (which is a really good thing!) Our July 4th weekend was certainly no exception. If we had 60 rooms instead of 6, we still would have been booked solid (our apologies to all who called that we had to turn away).

We found out beforehand that all the local restaurants we recommend to guests were going to be closed that evening. The town had a celebration at the local high school and anyone could go there to get hamburgers and hot dogs but we felt we could offer an alternative. Hopefully a better one.


 By having our own cookout! All our guests were getting along great with each other. It really felt like we were a group of lifelong friends getting together for the 4th like so many across the country do. We played lawn games:

A game of Bocce Ball


And of course we had a great dinner. It was a little warm out so we ate inside but it was still a cookout 🙂

Thanks to all our guests that weekend who made this years 4th a wonderful, memorable one!


Bocce Ball is a great lawn sport and a lot easier to set up than horseshoes or croquet. While there are “official” rules you can play by, it is adaptable so that you can play with whatever rules suit you best. It’s really great when you have a big yard like we do.

A little fun in the sun but you can play when it's cloudy too!

Think of a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and a little curling (without all that sweeping….or ice….or okay, it’s not much like curling) and you get Bocce Ball. Throw a target ball somewhere in the yard and then two players or teams try to toss/roll their balls as close to the target as possible. The closest ones score a point.

Well that’s how we play it anyway.

No, we aren’t grouchy. We’re crab happy! We catch them right off our pier and when we get enough of them, we like to incorporate the crabmeat we get into our breakfasts. For instance, crab quiche: 

With a side of muffins!


Crabs are also lots of fun to catch, not just for us but for our guests as well: 

Bill catches the first crab of the season

 And of course humans aren’t the only ones interested in crabs: 

Remember: When a crab plays "got your nose", it really got your nose

 We would like to take a quick moment to say thank you to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for all the wonderful work they do including their work on helping restore and maintain healthy crab populations.

Try stand-up paddleboarding!

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Casper and Mackey Hall, the founders of Chesapeake Boardsports, set up in our back yard giving lessons in paddleboarding. It was great fun and surprisingly easy! After a simple lesson, everyone who tried it was standing up on their boards and paddling away. These boards look like super-sized surf boards and are well-balanced for easy navigating. Here’s some photos from that day:

As you can see, everyone was able to stand up and paddle away. Visit Steve and Macky’s website at go-standup.com.

We recently celebrated our one year anniversary as a fully operational Inn. It’s been great fun and lots of work. Lori’s brother Dave is now living on the property and with his help, we now have time to revive this blog. Yea!

Ok, so last year our very first weekend open happened during Mathew’s counties Tour de Chesapeake and we had a full house. It was a great way to get the proverbial ball rolling and everyone had a great time. How do we know this? Because those very same guests made sure to book their rooms for a return visit on our one year anniversary. It felt like a visit from old friends but enough talking, it’s picture time!

The weather was perfect

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and yet we still had lots of fun!

Best way to get ready for a long day riding the next day? A big pizza dinner the night before of course!


Good times and we’ve saved a spot for you all next year 🙂

Tomorrow’s post: Paddle Boarding