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Bocce Ball is a great lawn sport and a lot easier to set up than horseshoes or croquet. While there are “official” rules you can play by, it is adaptable so that you can play with whatever rules suit you best. It’s really great when you have a big yard like we do.

A little fun in the sun but you can play when it's cloudy too!

Think of a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and a little curling (without all that sweeping….or ice….or okay, it’s not much like curling) and you get Bocce Ball. Throw a target ball somewhere in the yard and then two players or teams try to toss/roll their balls as close to the target as possible. The closest ones score a point.

Well that’s how we play it anyway.


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No, we aren’t grouchy. We’re crab happy! We catch them right off our pier and when we get enough of them, we like to incorporate the crabmeat we get into our breakfasts. For instance, crab quiche: 

With a side of muffins!


Crabs are also lots of fun to catch, not just for us but for our guests as well: 

Bill catches the first crab of the season

 And of course humans aren’t the only ones interested in crabs: 

Remember: When a crab plays "got your nose", it really got your nose

 We would like to take a quick moment to say thank you to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for all the wonderful work they do including their work on helping restore and maintain healthy crab populations.

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