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Try stand-up paddleboarding!

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Casper and Mackey Hall, the founders of Chesapeake Boardsports, set up in our back yard giving lessons in paddleboarding. It was great fun and surprisingly easy! After a simple lesson, everyone who tried it was standing up on their boards and paddling away. These boards look like super-sized surf boards and are well-balanced for easy navigating. Here’s some photos from that day:

As you can see, everyone was able to stand up and paddle away. Visit Steve and Macky’s website at go-standup.com.


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We recently celebrated our one year anniversary as a fully operational Inn. It’s been great fun and lots of work. Lori’s brother Dave is now living on the property and with his help, we now have time to revive this blog. Yea!

Ok, so last year our very first weekend open happened during Mathew’s counties Tour de Chesapeake and we had a full house. It was a great way to get the proverbial ball rolling and everyone had a great time. How do we know this? Because those very same guests made sure to book their rooms for a return visit on our one year anniversary. It felt like a visit from old friends but enough talking, it’s picture time!

The weather was perfect

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and yet we still had lots of fun!

Best way to get ready for a long day riding the next day? A big pizza dinner the night before of course!


Good times and we’ve saved a spot for you all next year 🙂

Tomorrow’s post: Paddle Boarding

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